Fenugreek Promotes Hair Growth, Fights Acne & More!



Fenugreek promotes hair growth and makes it curly. It combats acne, dandruff, relieves coughing, dryness, asthma, hard breathing, increase sexual drive, the flow of menstruation and breast-milk. It treats high cholesterol, type II Diabetes, decreases pain and swelling, relieves flatulence, phlegm, piles and various accumulations in the intestines. It dissolves phlegm from the chest and helps against gastric ulcer and lung disease. Fenugreek relieves urine retention and works as a laxative. When placed on an erratic nail, it will heal it. Its oil helps against cracked skin due to extreme cold when mixed with wax.

  • Fenugreek, when cooked with water, it softens the throat, chest and stomach.
  • Mix Fenugreek with Ghee butter and Fanith to heal the intestines.
  • Drink 5 measures of Fenugreek to increase the flow of menstruation.
  • Wash your hair with 5 measures of Fenugreek to combat dandruff or to achieve natural curls.
  • Grind the Fenugreek then, blend its flour with vinegar and natron. Use it as a bandage on the tumor of the spleen (it will dissolve it). When used on a bandage and placed on hard, cold tumors, it will help dissolve them.
  • Drink its water to subdue pain in the stomach as a result of accumulated gaseous materials. It will also clean the intestines.
  • For pain inside the vagina due to tumors, sit in water in which Fenugreek was cooked.
  • Eat Fenugreek cooked in honey, dates or figs on an empty stomach to dissolve phlegm accumulated in the chest, and stomach. It will also help against coughing that accompanies such ailments.
  • For Acne: Apply a paste of fresh Fenugreek leaves in water, keep it overnight and wash the face with warm water next morning.

Drug and Food Interactions:
Do not take Fenugreek without talking to your doctor first if you are taking: Blood thinning medicine (examples: warfarin (Coumadin(R)), clopidogrel (Plavix(R)), aspirin, enoxaparin (Lovenox(R)), dalteparin (Fragmin(R))) – Medicine for diabetes (examples: metformin (Glucophage(R)), glyburide (DiaBeta(R) Glynase(R)), glipizide (Glucotrol(R)), insulin)).

Before taking Fenugreek, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take Fenugreek at the same time as other medications; separate administration by an hour or two.

Side Effects:
Stop taking your medicine right away and talk to your doctor if you have any of the following side effects (your medicine may be causing these symptoms which may mean you are allergic to it): breathing problems or tightness in your throat or chest pain, skin hives, rash, or itchy or swollen skin.

Diarrhea and gas are the most common side effects – In infants exposed to Fenugreek before birth or after birth through breast milk of a mother using Fenugreek may notice a maple syrup odor in their urine.



At Tibb an Nabawi Page 266
PDR Health Online News
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  1. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you

  2. Hi !!!! ^_^
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  5. I am using fenugreek for past three years i have realised weekly once applying fenugreek to scalp will keep good hair growth.

  6. Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

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  7. Thanks for your article
    I can say fenugreek helped to increase my milk supply when
    I was breastfeeding.thanks

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